iMenu Covid QR Scanner   

EU Digital Confirmation YES = NO =

HSE vaccination card YES = NO =

Photo ID YES = NO =


If a regular returns and they have previously been scanned you only need to start typing their phone number above and the rest will automatically appear.

All customer details are erased after 28 days.
However, returning customers will have their 28 day retention period extended to 28 days from the date they return.

If you scan the "EU Digital COVID Certificate" here it will also be saved for 28 days.

If you only wish to use this to record the person's name & phone number you may choose to IGNORE the scanner and just enter the Name & Phone number, and tick the forms of ID either received or NOT received.

Information saved here is NOT shared elsewhere. It is saved ONLY to the account associated with your business.

Best Practice:
When a customer arrives ASK if they have been here (and Vaccination confirmed) before.
If they have previously been confirmed then it is not necessary to re-scan their "EU Digital QR".
(It is inconceivable that anyone could have been "Un-Vaccinated")
An individual may also arrive without their "EU Cert", or with a crumpled Cert that cannot be scanned.
Start typing their Phone Number above.
As you type, your database will be checked and if that person was here before then their phone number and name will be automatically located and filled out above.
You only need to click the green "ID Confirmed" button that will appear and their record will be updated - the original record will contain acknowledgement of the first scan - when they actually produced their "EU Cert" or HSE card.
If this is their FIRST visit you will need to:
Either scan their "EU Cert" with the Covid App and tick the "EU Digital Confirmation YES" above.
Or tick the "HSE Vaccination Card YES" above.