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Current STATUS:

Menu FILTERS:  *
Display TIMES *

* DEFAULT above will switch EVERYTHING OFF - This means that ALL Menus wiil be visible at ALL TIMES, and no Menu Times will be displayed.
* Display TIMES above will display Menu TIMES according to the Meal TIMES you choose above (Any Meal Times you leave off will be automatically set to your Opening & Closing times).- these will appear wnen your customer first accesses your online Menu.
* Menu FILTERS above will HIDE the menus outside the Meal TIMES you choose above.

** The "Grace Period" above faciliates Pre-Booking - Customers who access your Menu online will see any Menu up to "Grace Period" Minutes prior to the actual start time. If "Grace Period" is OFF or if your customer is sitting at a table then "Grace Period" is ignored.

NB: All of these times may be altered at any time.
This facilitates changing schedule during the day to suit current circumstances.

ALL of the above affects ONLY these Menus:

Breakfast Menu
Lunch Menu
Dinner Menu

If you do not use any of these Menus then anything, and everything you do here will have no effect.

If you use only ONE or TWO of the menus above - select OFF for the times for the others and they will not be displayed on your front page.

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