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How does it work ?


Create your MENU

Click REGISTER and your pub Drinks & Food Menu will be generated in less than 30 seconds.

Print QR Codes

QR Codes are automatically generated for as many tables as you like.

Customer orders

To place an order the customer scans the QR Code on their table (or on your phone) - your menu instantly appears on their phone.

You Receive Order

The customer's order & table number appears on your Laptop / Tablet / Phone behind the counter. You acknowledge the order and deliver to the table.











If you prefer not to print QR Codes you may login on your phone and present the QRs for any table directly to the customer. They simply scan your phone once.

You might like our Android Thermal Printer - when the customer orders a receipt is automatically printed - you may also use it to display the Table QRs for your customers to scan - and it is a Dual-Sim Phone.


















Meet Our Team

John Gannon

CEO, Front & Back End Software

Susan Walsh

Legal Department

John Gannon Jnr.

Previously Head of Software Development at Gonnado.

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Your local County Council is facilitating the licencing of Tables for OUTSIDE use. is IDEAL for this - your customers can order and receive their food and/or drinks without ever entering the premises ....

















Contact Tracing
Since Barfood's launch in July 2020 our software is being used in Ireland, The UK and the USA.
If Contact Tracing is not mandatory in your country you can switch it off in your control panel with a single click.

Takeaway Only Service:
If you run your business as a takeaway (with or without drinks) your online Barfood Menu is available to anyone anywhere - without using QR Codes. If a customer accesses your menu online they will not be assigned a table number and you will be notified that they are "OUTSIDE". You can set delivery options (or none) in your control panel.

Allergen Filters:
Displaying Allergen information is mandatory in most countries. permits the inclusion of allergen information for each menu item. This is displayed to the customer whenever they choose anything.
The customer also has the facility to exlude any or all menu items based on their choice of Allergen Filters - unique to

Calories & Sugars:
As of March 2020 Ireland made the inclusion of calorie information mandatory for ALL food service establishments. Currently this is not being enforced - probably because of the Pandemic - inevitably it will be enforced.
There is no obligation to provide information regarding sugar content. But we provide the facility - just in case (The worldwide prevelance of Diabetes makes such an important consideration).
If you are running a Pub or Bar and just sell drinks then we do all the work for you - the default BarFood Menu will contain the Allergen, Calorie & Sugar content for all drinks.



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