You may include up to 40 additional options here. (20 "Optional" options and/or 20 "Mandatory" Choices)
First choose the "MENU item" above.
Now any options already available for your choice will appear HERE.
You may ADD options - type an option, followed by choosing the "Type" and the "Cost" (This will be the additional amount to be added to the cost of the Menu Item).
Then click "ADD".
Repeat the process to ADD more choices.
You may REMOVE any option by clicking the Trash icon to it's left
"Mandatory" choices are options such as "Rice", "Potatoes", Noodles - The customer MUST choose ONE.
"Optional" choices are useful to promote added value - The customer MAY decide to choose ONE or MORE.
"(Optional choices may include items such as "Extra Mushrooms", "Side Salad", "Can of Coke" - essentially anything you think the customer might like with their meal.)